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Sun Gazette: Oakcrest School Grads Urged to Lead Cultural Renaissance

This week, the Sun Gazette featured an article (by Scott McCaffery, Sun Gazette Staff Writer) on the Oakcrest Class of 2011 Graduation.  The article also includes a video interview of Cecilia L. (valedictorian) and Lourdes B. (salutatorian).  Click HERE to access the article and video. 


Lourdes B. and Cecilia L. prepare for Oakcrest School's commencement ceremony on June 4 in McLean. (Photo by Scott McCaffrey. Copyright Sun Gazette)

Exerpts from the Sun Gazette:

“Small by some standards but outsized in their achievements, members of the Oakcrest School graduating class were sent into the world encouraged to foster positive change in the lives of others.

While receiving a first-class education, Bobbio – who is headed to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the fall -said there were other, less tangible but just as important, benefits from the Oakcrest experience.

“We learned more about ourselves and the world around us, how to live life and live it well,” she said. “We stand united; we are all friends.”

Fully half of the graduating class entered Oakcrest in sixth grade. Bobbio was one, as was valedictorian [] Lulli, who is headed to Princeton University.

Lulli said Oakcrest, an independent school with a Roman Catholic philosophy, develops in its students “open eyes and clear convictions – to make a difference in all that we do.”

That was a theme echoed by the commencement speaker, radio host and commentator Laura Ingraham, who bemoaned a decline in cultural standards and suggested that the new graduates would play a role in promoting positive values.

“We need you to be the powerful cultural warrior of the moment,” she said. “We can’t lock ourselves away. We, and you, have to engage the culture. We must change the culture for the better.”

“It’s tough out there. It’s hard,” Ingraham said. “People are going to dismiss [the values] you’ve learned here. Stand up for what is good and right. Never get discouraged. Our faith is meant to share.”

You come from a small school that has big ideals,” [Ellen] Cavanagh told graduates. “The world needs women like you: thoughtful, self-assured, creative and compassionate. You have a distinctive role to play.”

To read the full article and view the video interview, click HERE.


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