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Kia Kaha! Forever Strong!

In true staculty fashion, the Staculty Spirit Committee members were the FIRST group to paint the school’s new spirit rock!  They choose all the class colors, plus green and white, of course.  The main message on the rock serves as a daily reminder of the Oakcrest Student Council’s chosen theme for the year: Kia Kaha!  Forever Strong!  If you look closely, you’ll see one square dedicated to each class.  If you look even closer, you might see the initials of the 4 staculty artists – Miss Kolf, Miss Pompeii, Mrs. Hammarsten and Miss Pluta!


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US News & World Report Rankings

Here is the latest from our Director of College Counseling, Mrs. Ganjian, on the College Corner blog:

There is no denying that the Oakcrest Class of 2011 did quite well for themselves, according to the newly released 2012 U.S. News & World Report College Rankings!

While all rankings should be taken with a slight grain of salt (finding a good fit is more important than choosing a school with the best rank), they offer a good way for us to compare certain aspects of different institutions to one another.

Of the 26 graduates from the Class of 2011 who attended institutions ranked by U.S. News & World Report:

Over 38% matriculated at a Top-25 school!

These include Princeton University (#1 – Doctoral Universities), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (#5- Doctoral Universities), Rice University (#17- Doctoral Universities), and University of Virginia (#25- Doctoral Universities), among others!

Exactly 50% matriculated at a Top-50 school!

In addition to the aforementioned institutions, these include Boston College (#31- Doctoral Universities), College of the Holy Cross (#29 – Liberal Arts Colleges), and Gettysburg College (#47 – Liberal Arts Colleges) among others!

Over 80% matriculated at Top-100 school!

In addition to the aforementioned institutions, these include Fordham University (#53- Doctoral Universities), Clemson University (#68- Doctoral Universities), Virginia Polytechnic and State University (#71- Doctoral Universities) and Drexel University (#88- Doctoral Universities), among others!

Congratulations to the Class of 2011 for a job well done!

COME VISIT Mrs. Ganjian’s College Corner blog HERE.

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Homecoming Weekend 2011!

The Oakcrest Alumnae Association is excited to invite alumnae, family and friends to Homecoming Weekend 2011!

Know any alums who are not on our mailing list?  Please pass on this invitation and help us spread the word about Homecoming to our alumnae!

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