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Congratulations on the Middle School Show, “A Little Princess, the Musical”!

The Middle School production of A Little Princess, the Musical, was a huge success!  The show was performed in the G. Lloyd Bunting, Sr. Theatre at Oakcrest on November 11 and 12.  Accolades heard at the Saturday matinee included:  “The girls were phenomenal!”  “Their voices were beautiful, and they also learned the harmonies. It was such a surprise!”  “The sets were great… very detailed, and they added such a convincing atmosphere.”  “I would rather be here today than the Kennedy Center. It was wonderful to see our middle schoolers put on such a moving performance!”

The show was so moving in fact, that several people in the audience mentioned that the songs brought tears to their eyes!

The cast for this musical consisted of 8th graders: Rosemary A., Juliana D., Katie H., Sofia L., Sarah M., Lucia M., Annie P., Anna S., Nicole V., Anna W., and Maria W. 7th grader students involved include: Juliana B., Anna C., Jill C., Alexandra D., Chinenye E., Isabella F., Olivia H., Brigid K., Caroline O., Mariana P., Maddie S., and Eliana T. 6th grade cast members include: Sophia D., Makena K., Daniela L., Lauren M., Dania N., Caroline R., and Julia W.

Congratulations to all the actresses, the production director, Jessica Carey, the music director, Anne Miller, the upper school stage crew, and all involved in the show!

Plot Summary:

This engaging musical is an adaptation of the classic novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett and tells the story of Sara Crewe (played by 8th grader Audrey C.) who is transported from India by her father to attend boarding school at Miss Minchin’s seminary in Victorian London. Sara’s life takes a dramatic turn when she learns of the death of her father and loss of her fortune. She is forced by the greedy Miss Minchin (played by 8th grader Catie L.) to act as a servant and live in the attic with Becky, the scullery maid (played by 7th grader Anna D.). Fortunately, Sara never loses her optimistic spirit and learns the value of true friendship.


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Character Workshops 2011-2012

Forming character is part of the Oakcrest mission. It is an integral feature of the education provided here. We hold that one’s character is formed through meeting the expectations inherent in academic work and striving to develop thoughtful and dignified relationships with family, teachers, and classmates. Every adult here at Oakcrest knows she is called to first model and then teach virtuous conduct. The curriculum and the style of teaching are especially designed to present students with the great questions of character, and to encourage reflection and discussion. Finally, the Advisory Program offers the opportunity for each student to discuss with a mentor how she personally can form her character, shoring up good habits, and identifying those that hinder her growth into a mature young woman.

Ann Royals Vitz '01 gives a character workshop on the virtue of responsibility.

Character workshops, offered five times during the course of the year at Oakcrest, complement this on-going, organic and personal character education. The program that is deliberately designed to engage the students with age-appropriate topics.

Character Workshop dates:

October 3, 2011

November 28, 2011

Feb. 27, 2012

March 12, 2012

May 7, 2012

The Middle School students will be led by selected faculty to reflect on specific virtues. Each grade will hear an exposition on the key features of the virtue, and then work on activities that help them grapple with the topic in a practical and enjoyable way. Grades 6, 7, and 8 will hear a talk on the following sequence of virtues:

–          Sociability/Friendship

–          Order

–          Fortitude/Perseverance/Patience

–          Responsibility

–          Generosity

The Freshmen and Sophomores will be led by Mrs. Ann Vitz, ’01 through a course entitled Steps to Success. The goal of the course is to provide the students with a clear understanding of their dignity so they will be cultural leaders tomorrow. Over the course of a two-year cycle, the students will develop a deep understanding of 10 classical virtues of special interest for their age group, with the aim of showing them how to move beyond those specific current cultural expectations which are demeaning. They will be shown how to turn theory into practice through guided work sessions. Through all of this, they will enrich their understanding of the dignity of woman and the unique gifts they possess in order to be effective and refined cultural leaders.

The Juniors will focus on a critical reading of the book, The Temperament That God Gave You, co-authored by Laraine and Art Bennet. Mrs. Bennet herself will introduce the series by presenting a new, shorter temperament test she and her husband have developed that they will include in the forthcoming fourth edition of the book. She will give a general background for the course, and Mrs. Bonnie Hanssen will follow up in the next four sessions, dealing with why this is an important topic, and helping the students develop strategies to put into practice what they  have learned.

Mary Gabriel '01 speaks to Seniors about professionalism in the workplace.

The Seniors focus on college-related topics, including aspects of the college admissions process, and developing good academic and social strategies for an enriching, successful college experience and beyond. Mrs. Colleen Ganjian will lead them through these and other topics.

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