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Spirit Week 2012!

By Skye H., Student Writer

Spirit week is a week of activities, games and contests to promote school spirit, get to know your classmates and big/little sisters, and earn points for the Green and White Teams!  It gets everyone excited for the school year.  For example, Monday was “Zoo Animal Day,” when each girl met her big and little sisters and became a part of a ‘family.’ Throughout the year, sisters will earn points by guiding new students and helping them learn about Oakcrest.  Little sisters can also earn points by asking questions!   It is a great way to be able to give and receive help.

Tuesday was “Air and Space Day,” which was a lot of fun! Wednesday was the favorite day for many Middle Schoolers, because we went on our bonding field trips!  The 6th grade had a lot of fun at Hemlock in Clifton.  The 6th grade participated in “Adventure Links” with Mrs. Bell and Ms. Cross to guide them in teamwork and bonding activities, such as such as the peanut butter pit and the zip line. The peanut butter pit is a hole about the size of a small pond.  The bottom is muddy and the water in it is murky, dirty and full of toads and tadpoles.  If you fell in, you would come out smelling terrible and covered in mud!  The object of the activity was to grab the rope dangling above the pond and to get across to the other side.  The 6th grade made a chain and made it safely across.  Fortunately, only one person fell in, because she let go in the middle of the pond!

The 6th grade also enjoyed trying to get across from one side of the grounds to the other by only using six wooden planks.  If you weren’t touching a plank, it would be taken away. The 6th graders tried various ways but after three struggles and start-over’s they made it! It took a lot of effort and team work.

On Thursday, the theme was “Army and U.S. History.” It was also a day for classes to get ready for Friday!  Friday was my favorite day of the week!  It was Field Day!  In the morning, every class scramble for those few extra minutes to practice their class cheer.  After Mass or enrichment, the cheer competition began!  It started with the 6th grade and went up from grade to grade. It was exciting to watch all of the cheers and wonder how long they spent preparing for their cheer, and how much effort they put into it.

After the cheers, everyone proceeded with field day.  After the field day games, the winners were announced.  Seventh grade won 3rd place for the cheers, Juniors won 2nd place, and the Seniors won 1st place!  Then came the moment we were all waiting for…who won Spirit Week, the Green or White Team?  The Spirit Committee announced that the White Team won by a slim fifteen points!  There was a cheer from the crowd. Me being on the white team, I was extremely happy!

All in all, with all the costumes and fun activities, everyone enjoyed Spirit Week!


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Boston College Business School Video Features Oakcrest Alum

Oakcrest alumna, Alessandra Christiani ’11, was selected by Boston College to speak about their Business School and undergraduate program for freshmen in their new promotional video featured on their website.  Congrats, Alessandra!  To view the video, visit

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Oakcrest 2012 Co-Valedictorian is named National AP Scholar and one of Top 13 Diocesan Students

High Schoolers Receive National Awards

Arlington Catholic Herald


Each fall, a select group of high school students across the county receive National Merit Program and Advanced Placement (AP) Scholar awards. This year 13 diocesan students earned top honors.

AP exams are taken in May and awards usually are granted in September. Students qualified for the National AP Scholar Award by earning an average grade of 4 or higher on a five-point scale on all AP exams and grades of 4 or higher on eight or more of these exams.

About 1.5 million juniors in some 22,000 high schools entered the National Merit Scholarship Program by taking the 2011 Preliminary SAT. Those who are named semifinalists represent less than 1 percent of U.S. high school seniors and include the highest-scoring entrants in each state. The number of semifinalists in a state is proportional to the state’s percentage of the national total of graduating seniors. Finalists will receive one of 8,300 scholarships totaling $32 million.

Anna Rapp of Bishop Ireton High School in Alexandria was honored as a National Merit Semifinalist.

Mary Zischkau of Oakcrest was named a National AP Scholar.

Peter Ciampa, Caitlin Hall, Kelly Luciani, John Stella and Thomas Vaughn, students at Bishop O’Connell High School in Arlington, were honored as National AP Scholars, and Meagan David and Elaine Harrington were named National Merit Semifinalists.

Michael Sheridan of Paul VI Catholic High School in Fairfax was honored as a National AP Scholar, and Mary Carome and Tim Higgins were named National Merit Semifinalists.

Jennifer Block of Seton School in Manassas was honored as National Merit Semifinalist.


Mary Zischkau was the Co-Valedictorian for the Oakcrest Class of 2012.  To access this article online, click HERE.

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Founding Mass & Brunch

By Kiley H., Student Writer

The Annual Oakcrest Founding Mass & Brunch took place on Sunday, September 9, 2012.  It was attended by students, parents, siblings, extended family and faculty.

It started with Mass celebrated by Fr. Ron Gillis, the Oakcrest Chaplain.  There was a storm the night before, and the power was out at Oakcrest.  But in true Oakcrest fashion, we didn’t let that stop us and proceeded with the event.  The doors were propped open to the breeze.  The beautiful Mass was said in the Oakcrest G. Lloyd Bunting, Sr. Theatre, and Cantare Lux led us in beautiful songs.

Mass was followed by a delicious brunch in Walsh Hall.  Every family brought their signature breakfast dish, and it made quite a spread!  In addition to eating and visiting with friends, it was a chance for family members to see the school!

Thank you to Ms. Ortiz, Fr. Ron, Cantare Lux, Caroline Lulli, Irene Hill, Bernadette Goyette, Bridget McNeish, Loice Kiara, Andrew Rudy, Matt and Barb Dauchess, Caroline Dolan, Marye Carter, the Cermak family, the Himpler family, the Rudy family, and Agostini family and everyone else who helped make our Founding Mass & Brunch a huge success.




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