Welcome to Charger Chatter, the official blog for Oakcrest School! 

Charger Chatter is a blog for everything Oakcrest – school traditions, sports, class projects, special events, faculty reflections, stories of daily life at Oakcrest…you’ll find it all here!  We hope to share life at Oakcrest with you through our blog.

Our blog has three sections: the Home page, the College Corner page, and the Parent Education Committee page.  

College Corner is made specially for our Juniors and Seniors, and will feature scholarship information, college visits, and important news and updates to assist them in the college application process.  Click here or on the side panel to visit Charger Chatter’s College Corner.

The Parent Education Committee realizes the challenges that parents face in raising young women today and exists to offer guidance and give parents the tools they need in the adventure of educating their daughters.   

To expand PEC’s outreach, the PEC page will feature information for parents about upcoming speakers, forums, books, social events, on-line links and more, so that  parents will have a resource intended to support their efforts to raise daughters into mature, virtuous individuals who act with a great sense of freedom and responsibility!  Click here or on the side panel to visit the Parent Education Committee page.

Mission: Oakcrest School in partnership with parents challenges girls in grades 6-12 to develop their intellect, character, faith and leadership potential to succeed in college and throughout their lives.

Philosophy: Oakcrest, an independent school, educates the whole person. Inspired by the teachings of the Catholic Church and the spirituality of Opus Dei, we weave together a rich liberal arts curriculum, character development, one-on-one advising and service to create a vibrant environment that graduates confident young women—young women who will make a difference in all they choose to do.

“The quest for excellence at Oakcrest arises from the conviction that one encounters God in the ordinary events of every day: study or work, family and social life, friendships, sports and cultural activities….In rising to the challenge of an Oakcrest education, each student develops a commitment to personal integrity, to the pursuit of truth and to the responsible use of freedom. She learns to appreciate the value of study and the importance of each one’s contribution to the human community.” – Ellen M. Cavanagh, Head of School

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